Great Look At Toby Jones As The Master Of Suspense

We’ve seen two Alfred Hitchcock-themed films go into production over the last year, one of them being the star studded cast led by Anthony Hopkins in Hitchcock. The other film is The Girl which has unfortunately been in the shadow of the other film and is getting much less attention than it most certainly deserves.

The Girl stars Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock and Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren. This film will focus on the relationship Hitchcock had with Hedren during their time together on The Birds and Marnie. While The former film focuses primarily on the making of Psycho, The Girl will shed some light on Hitchcock’s obsession with fashion model Tippi Hedren who he chose as his image of the “perfect” blonde. His obsession with her ultimately led to both of their careers getting destroyed.

I honestly can’t say which one I’m more excited for. Hitchcock has a stellar cast and the film will give us an amazing look at how he made Psycho with no studio’s backing him up and a very small budget. And on the other hand, The Girl will give us a never before seen look into the life of one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema.

The Girl will debut on HBO on October 20th. Check out some great pictures of Jones as Alfred Hitchcock.

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3 thoughts on “Great Look At Toby Jones As The Master Of Suspense

  1. Very excited for both films! I’ve read Hitchcock by Truffaut in which Hitchcock has a very indepth interview with Francois Truffaut about both his films and his personal life. It is very interesting and compelling to read so I wonder what they will make out of these films!

    1. You know, I actually felt the same way. I’m quite surprised at how many people are still saying he doesn’t resemble Hitchcock at all. The fact that he has one of the most recognizable faces in the world even coming close to looking like him is good in my book.

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