First Look at James Wan’s ‘The Conjuring’

Horror director James Wan (Saw, Dead Silence, and Insidious) returns to the genre with The Conjuring from Warner Bros. Pictures. Featuring the wonderful Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren this first image is very mysterious as she stares into a music-box. 

The Conjuring is Wan’s alternate take on The Amityville Horror which was inspired by supernatural events. Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor will star as a couple that moves into a haunted farm house with their children. The characters are based on the Perron family, who have claimed to have had experienced a terrifying haunting during the 1970’s.

James Wan has earned his rightful place in the horror genre by showing that he knows how to scare an audience. With the success of last year’s Insidious, Wan is ready to jump back into the realm of haunted houses. Wan is known for working with his partner in crime Leigh Whannell with the pair working on one of the highest-grossing indy films of all time in Saw as well as Insidious which made over $100 million worldwide with a budget of $1.5 million. However, The Conjuring won’t be another Wan/Whannell production. The film is being scripted by twin brothers Chad and Carey Hayes who were behind House of Wax and The Reaping. While those aren’t the most impressive of films, adding Wan into the mix will definitely have its benefits.

It will ultimately come down to the script for The Conjuring as I have no doubt that Wan will create yet another solid horror flick. It’s a bit of a disappointment that he’s not working with Whannell on this project but I’m hoping for the best as this one is starting to pick up steam.

Have a look at the first image.

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9 thoughts on “First Look at James Wan’s ‘The Conjuring’

    1. You know, I absolutely loved Insidious up until the end. I just wish they wouldn’t have just out right showed the demon. That was one of those moments where I think Wan should have left the audience use their imagination. Maybe everyone you watched it with have bad taste in movies!

      1. Haha! That’s very possible. I mean, with the exception of my sister, I don’t think anyone really understands my deep, passionate obsession with the horror genre. What did you think of Sinister?

      2. I sort of had the same problem with Sinister as I did with Insidious where I was really enjoying it up until the end. Some of it felt rushed and I would have liked to see the daughter becoming more possessed throughout the movie instead of just showing up with an axe! I did like it for the most part thought, it was certainly better than a lot of horror movies we’ve been getting lately.

      3. Agreed. I was completely blown away by the score. And the home videos were so delightfully disturbing. The ending absolutely did seem rushed but I thought the cinematography and even the acting made up for it.

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