James McAvoy is your new Frankenstein!


Not too long ago we learned that 20th Century Fox’s upcoming Frankenstein was looking to possibly cast either Jack Huston or Toby Kebbel for the role of Victor Von Frankenstein. Either of those would have been great choices for the title character, but Fox decided to go with another great actor in James McAvoy. That’s right, McAvoy will star alongside Daniel Radliffe’s Igor in the Paul McGuigan Frankenstein adaptation!

McGuigan was brought on last year to the direct the film from a script by Max Landis that aims to put the focus on Frankenstein’s Assistant. The only real details we know about the flick is that it will bring a sci-fi twist to the classic story instead of following the novel. I’m pretty excited about this new. McAvoy is a fantastic actor who will no doubt bring something special to the iconic character. With Radcliffe’s Igor starring alongside McAvoy, this could potentially be one hell of an adaptation.

Right now the film’s release date is currently set for October 17th, 2014.

1935_BrideFrankenstein_img4Source: AITH

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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

13 thoughts on “James McAvoy is your new Frankenstein!

    1. Yea, you’re right about that. The casting is great but the sci-fi thing could get weird! Once they release the official plot we’ll know a lot more for sure.

  1. It’s a pity though that there seem to be three “Frankensteins” in the making right now. Unless you really like everything Frankenstein of course! 😐 Let’s just hope it all doesn’t get spread too thin…

    1. Yea I’m with you on that one. I, Frankenstein just looks like Underworld. This one will hopefully be something far from that.

  2. Thanks, that’s great news, i love the Underworld films! 😐 But they indeed have a bit of a blue/gray filtered look about them. I guess that’s what you mean and i suppose it could put people off. Otherwise let’s agree to disagree! 😐 And I, Frankenstein is also the 3D one i believe! Cool! 😀

    1. Yea, there’s definitely nothing wrong with I, Frankenstein having that Underworld vibe just not something I wan’t to see repeated with this one. Hopefully both of them turn out good!

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