Is this what The Conjuring sequel will be about?


With James Wan’s The Conjuring recently surpassing $100 million at the box-office and currently on its way to becoming one of the highest grossing supernatural horror films of all time, it’s no surprise that New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures are fast-tracking a sequel. They want the sequel to be based on another case file from the Warrens which leaves plenty of options on the table. According to AICN, right now the case file they are looking into takes place in the ’70’s and will center on two sisters in Enfield, England, who were allegedly possessed. If the studios decide to tackle this particular haunting for the sequel then it sounds like we can expect lots of demons and contorted bodies. Here are some small details on what happened.

Apparently during this case Warren says she saw the sisters levitate. Seeing anyone levitate is certainly some creepy stuff but that’s nothing compared to what she claims to have seen regarding one of the girls. Apparently she saw the girl dematerialize right in front of her only to be found a while later stuffed into a large fuse box, where her body was contorted in a horrific way. If that wasn’t bad enough, a Demon was speaking directly to her husband on many occasions making this case one of the most terrifying experiences of her entire paranormal career. You don’t have to believe anything Lorraine says but there’s no denying that she has some terrifying stories to tell, whether they are true or not.

Like I said, they really want this one to get made as soon as possible so they can cash in on the first film’s success. Hopefully fast-tracking it wont take away from what could potentially be another fantastic story. Remember, this is all purely speculation as nothing has been set in stone just yet because we are still in the very early stages of the flick. Both Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have signed on for the sequel.


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17 thoughts on “Is this what The Conjuring sequel will be about?

    1. Yea it’ll be interesting to see where they go with it. We really don’t need another Amityville so let’s hope they decide against it.

  1. Ah wow… I really want to see The Conjuring, it is getting really good reviews and you got me all amped for it. Must be good if they have a sequel in the pipeline.

  2. The Conjuring was easily Wan’s best film and I think they’re playing it smart by using another Warren case as a springboard for a sequel. “Springboard”; I just talked like a movie producer or something. Hey Rhino, let’s do lunch eh heh heh heh heh heh!

  3. Yeah this one was terrifying partly because of the Warren’s involvement lending an authentic air to the story. Doing so again would be a smart move.

    1. Yea man, I’m pretty excited as well. It’s doubtful we’ll see Wan back though which is disappointing so hopefully we can get another solid director behind the film.

  4. I watched the conjuring last night, and I loved it so if their is another one coming then I can hardly wait! good scary movies are hard to find these days but this one is great!

  5. I saw the first and liked it very much, I will see the second. Wouldn’t it make sense to make another showing it from the beginning, showing the witch I forgot her name and showing what happened. Yes they talked about it in the movie but I would love to see what actually happened. What do you think Ryan ?

    1. Yea, that’s definitely an option but I think the studio just wants to explore different cases from the Warren files. So it’s not technically a sequel to The Conjuring as it will just follow the Warrens on an entirely different case. I do like your idea though, that would be interesting!

  6. Penny, if your interested check out the book House of Darkness, House of light. It goes into more detail of the families experiences. Pretty food.

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