Laurent Durieux’s stunning art for The Birds, Vertigo and Rear Window


I’m at a loss for words on this one, guys. Laurent Durieux is one of the most brilliant artists working with Mondo today, and he continues to recreate classic films on print in masterful detail. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on two prints of his and I can say that the pictures, while still amazing, don’t do the art justice by any means. Durieux has a Mondo gallery show opening tomorrow and Collider revealed these three stunning screenprints for Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, Vertigo and Rear Window. All of these prints are absolutely stunning, showing exactly why Durieux’s work is some of the hardest to obtain.

I love all of these, but if I had to pick a favorite I’d go with The Birds. It’s such an iconic shot, and the shadow of a bird being cast under Tippi Hedren is an amazing little touch. Take a peek at them below and see what you think! Which one is your favorite?

Laurent-Durieux-rear_window-sm Laurent-Durieux-The-Birds-sm Laurent-Durieux-vertigo-regular

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4 thoughts on “Laurent Durieux’s stunning art for The Birds, Vertigo and Rear Window

  1. Laurent is amazing. I loved that you featured him.
    I like the multi-layers, how his shadows represent the villain of the film. I would live to have something of his framed on my wall.

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