England’s famous Enfield Poltergeist to be the focus of The Conjuring 2?

At this point, it has been all but confirmed that the James Wan-directed sequel to The Conjuring will head to England for one of the Warrens’ most terrifying cases—the Enfield Poltergeist. This particular case was the subject of the original rumor surrounding The Conjuring 2, which surfaced nearly two years ago. While no official word has been announced (yet), Wan, and oddly enough, IMDb might have revealed the secret.

A while back, IMDb quietly changed the title of the sequel to The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist, giving us our first good clue as to what will haunt the second film. And now, in a recent interview over at Screen Crush, Wan himself revealed that the film will be set in England. You don’t say!?

“For this next one, it’s set in England and it has a very different vibe than the first movie. It still lives in the same world, but the location and the next case they have, has a different flavor to it. So I’m very excited,” Wan told the site. Not only that, but he posted a picture (below) on Instagram a few weeks ago that put him where else? The London Borough of Enfield. I think it’s safe to say that The Conjuring 2 will most certainly be headed to Enfield to tell the terrifying tale of two possessed sisters.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the famous Enfield Poltergeist, it happen in the late 70s when single parent Peggy Hodgson called police to her rented home after two of her four children claimed that furniture was mysteriously moving on their own. What started as harmless knocking sounds on the walls and furniture moving, eventually turned into a nightmare as Lorraine Warren claims to have seen one of the sisters “dematerialize” right in front of her, only to be found a while later stuffed into a large fuse box, where her body was contorted in a horrific way. One of the girls became the very center of the haunting, becoming the vessel for which a demonic voice took over and allegedly caused her body to start levitating, which you can see in the famous picture below.

The Conjuring 2, directed by Wan and written by Carey and Chad Hayes, is set for a release on June 10, 2016. Both Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will be back as Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Enfield-Poltergeist Enfeild-Wan

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18 thoughts on “England’s famous Enfield Poltergeist to be the focus of The Conjuring 2?

  1. I love the conjuring and really looking forward to watching this one on the big screen.

  2. Now this is a horror sequel I can get behind. “Stuffed into a large fuse box, her body contorted in a horrific way.” Wow. Sounds great. And by great I mean disturbing

    1. Wan coming back is huge, too. This “haunting” sounds absolutely chilling and has been said to be one of their most “terrifying” cases. We’ll see!

    1. I have an article on it coming out soon, but from what I gathered is that they never said they made the entire thing up, only SOME of it. They craved the attention (as kids would), and when nothing was happening for the adults to see, they tried to fabricate some of it. From what I understand, that’s all they’ve ever said was made up. Most of it, according to them, was the real deal.

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