Voodoo and possession take over the Worry Dolls trailer

A twisted blend of possession and murder fall under the backwoods of Mississippi in Padraig Reynolds’ follow-up to his breakout horror hit Rites of Spring with the macabre-looking Worry Dolls. While the film appears to have come out of thin air, Worry Dolls looks like a nasty little treat that festers in a dark, skin crawling atmosphere of voodoo and death—or, in other words, it looks fucking awesome. In one of the best indie trailers of the year, Worry Dolls looks as promising as it gets and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Written and produced by Christopher Wiehl and Gregory J Haggart, Worry Dolls received its World premier at FrightFest in the UK and has since been selected for Dublin Horrorthon in Ireland and Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre in Argentina.

Christopher Wiehl stars as a detective investigating a series of voodoo related killings in deep dark Mississippi, but when he connects the murders with a previous case involving Guatamalan talismans he finds himself up against the clock to save his possessed daughter.

Other than some upcoming festival appearances, a release date for Worry Dolls has yet to be announced, so keep an eye here for that!


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