Art: Suspiria by Sara Deck

While most of the world still hasn’t seen Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria, that hasn’t stopped Sara Deck from creating an absolute killer of a print for Mondo. On the heels of the film’s October 26th release, Mondo will be dropping what will surely be one of the best posters of the year some time in October—all you have to do is follow Mondo and wait for the random release announcement (and sell your soul), it’s that easy! Now, if the name Sara Deck sounds familiar to you it’s because I featured her Night of the Living Dead print right here on TMR just a few months ago. And much like that gorgeous piece, Deck’s take on Suspiria is a subtle and altogether haunting portrayal of the horrors that wait—you can’t see her eyes, but you know she’s watching.

Sara Deck: “I can’t think of anything more exciting than getting to provide artwork for a film that you were already eagerly anticipating seeing. I will admit to an extreme bout of nerves prior to finally sitting down to work out some concepts for the final print. In the end, Suspiria had ample disturbingly beautiful visuals to offer up, so it was less a struggle and more a pleasure to interpret. Of all of the concepts that I came up with, I am so happy that we went forward with this one. This image to me reflects the unsettling tension surrounding Mme. Blanc and her desire. With palms up imploring the viewer, and face veiled hiding her true intentions. This film is so much more than a remake.” Enough said.


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4 thoughts on “Art: Suspiria by Sara Deck

  1. SUSPIRIA is one of my favorite films and I think this poster does it justice. Wicked cool, eerie, unsettling – totally dig. Still not looking forward to the remake though. 😕 Hugely dislike Dakota Johnson, terrible actress. (Not basing that off any of those 50 Shades movies either, never seen those. ) No idea what they were thinking when they did that. So, so sad. 😢

    1. I’m pretty optimistic about it. I think Luca Guadagnino has more than earned that by this point, and the response out of TIFF has been overwhelmingly positive, so that’s gotta count for something!

  2. This is gorgeous and disturbing. The folds in the blood-coloured dress remind me of the Dutch masters, in a way. Beautifully done.

    The photo of Tilda Swinton give me the creeps. As an actress, is there anything she can’t do?

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