Art: The Lighthouse by Dakota Randall

Endlessly quotable, brain-melting visuals, and unforgettably weird is really the only way that I know how to describe Robert Eggers’ somber masterpiece The Lighthouse. A gull-smashing period piece wrapped in stormy terror and deranged banter between two cracked lighthouse keepers is extremely my shit, so I’m excited to share with you some wonderful art by Dakota Randall.

Everything about Egger’s film feels classic and old-timey thanks to the black and white aesthetic and authentic dialog (I seen ye’ sparrin’ with the gull), so it only makes sense that artist Dakota Randall would approach his piece like it’s a vintage movie poster from the early days of cinema—the art style pairs quite well with the film. This one rips.

Twitter: @DRandallArt


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11 thoughts on “Art: The Lighthouse by Dakota Randall

  1. “A gull-smashing period piece” is perhaps the best description I’ve read about this film. And the poster is striking, particularly in how it imagines The Lighthouse as a 50s B movie creature feature.

    1. Lol, thanks! You nailed, totally gives off those sci-fi creature features from back in the day. Imagine if The Lighthouse was actually like one of those movies instead. Wild!

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