Short Round: Shadowed, a light in the dark

What a treat it is to see David F. Sandberg back in the land of short films with Shadowed, a creepy little haunter that ties cleverly into Lights Out as a nice companion piece. I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of nice to see Sandberg sharpening his skills between shooting massive studio projects with his latest short — it’d be cool to see other big name filmmakers doing projects like these on the side; someone call Guillermo del Toro!

Anyway… Shadowed is a solid reminder of why Sandberg quickly made a name for himself in the genre as this one channels the very spirit of his break-out short Lights Out; fast-paced, to the point, and creepy as hell. I love his clever use of shadows, too — reminded me of the staircase scene in Drag Me To Hell (you know the one). Watch it below and remember, if you want to see more short films like Shadowed, visit the Short Round!

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