Art: 28 Days Later by Mike Saputo

No one really knew what they were getting into when Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later first hit screens in 2002. Teaming with Alex Garland—who has since made quite a name for himself—they created a monsterpiece that forever turned the zombie genre on its head. Twenty-eight days after the infection, Jim awakens from a coma only to find the streets of London deserted—it’s such an unsettling moment in the film knowing that something so quiet and still eventually becomes a raging bout with horror.

Artist Mike Saputo gives that very moment a nod in is striking piece for Boyle’s classic; Jim, seemingly alone in an abandoned London, walks the streets like he’s the only man left in the world. What I love about this print—other than the fact that it’s just so damn good—is the way in which he shows the infection ripping through a once vibrant city. Killer.


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