Art: The Shining by Laurent Durieux

Nearly every frame of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is full of iconic imagery—it’s how you know the film’s a masterpiece—but if I had to pick just a single moment that stands out to me the most, it’s Danny Torrance riding his tricycle through the empty halls of the Overlook. Danny running into the twins is one of horror’s greatest scenes and it still hits as hard as it did in 1980, which is why this piece by the freakishly talented Laurent Durieux is so good as he pays tribute to that very moment.

If you’re a fan of alternative movie posters, then you’ve no doubt heard of Laurent Durieux and seen some of his work. His style is unique (you know when you’re looking at a Durieux piece), and I love how clean and meticulous each and every line is. But beyond its incredible detail, Durieux has thrown in some fun stuff here—take a look at the back of Danny’s tricycle seat. Another stunner from one of the best in the business.


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5 thoughts on “Art: The Shining by Laurent Durieux

  1. Don’t scream – *looks around, whispers* – I’ve never seen this film, but I can appreciate this new movie poster. I love the highly-stylized illustration.

    Speaking of The Shining, have you ever seen the trailer that presents it as a family movie?

    1. Would be interested in seeing your thoughts on The Shining should you ever watch it 🙂 There’s just too much content out there right now to see everything, so I totally get it!

      That trailer is hilariously well done. That’s amazing.

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