The Month in Horror Releases: December

Another year is almost in the books, which means we have one last month of horror movies for 2019. While the holiday season isn’t necessarily known for its horror presence, December has plenty of interesting genre offerings to look forward to—one in particular is the much-talked about indie Daniel Isn’t Real. This is actually a pretty interesting month for the genre because it’s made up almost entirely of indie films with only the Black Christmas remake seeing a wide release—a lot of stuff looking to sneak onto your year-end list, so let’s dig in and start watching!

December 3

This is Our Home (VOD)

Director: Omri Dorani

Cast: Jeff Ayars, Drew Beckas, Riggsby Lane

A struggling couple’s weekend getaway goes awry when a child arrives in the middle of the night claiming to be their son.

December 6

Daniel Isn’t Real (Theaters & VOD)

Director: Adam Egypt Mortimer

Cast: Patrick Schwarzenegger, Miles Robbins, Sasha Lane

A troubled college freshman, Luke, suffers a violent family trauma and resurrects his childhood imaginary friend Daniel to help him cope.

Knives and Skin (VOD)

Director: Jennifer Reeder

Cast: Kate Arrington, Marika Engelhardt, Tim Hopper

A mystical teen noir that follows a young girl’s disappearance in the rural Midwest and its effect on teens and parents.

Little Joe (VOD)

Director: Jessica Hausner

Cast: Emily Beecham, Ben Whishaw, Kerry Fox

Alice, a single mother, is a dedicated senior plant breeder at a corporation engaged in developing new species. Against company policy, she takes one home as a gift for her teenage son, Joe.

December 10

Freaks (VOD)

Director: Zach Lipovsky, Adam B. Stein

Cast: Emile Hirsch, Bruce Dern, Grace Park

A bold girl discovers a bizarre, threatening, and mysterious new world beyond her front door after she escapes her father’s protective and paranoid control.

December 13

Black Christmas (Theaters)

Director: Sophia Takal

Cast: Imogen Poots, Cary Elwes, Lily Donoghue

A group of female students are stalked by a stranger during their Christmas break. That is until the young sorority pledges discover that the killer is part of an underground college conspiracy.

Rabid (VOD)

Director: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska

Cast: Laura Vandervoort, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Ted Atherton

The quiet Rose works in women’s fashion clothing, hoping to be a designer. A traffic accident damages her face. She gets experimental stem cell treatment, leaving her stronger and prettier than ever – but there’s a side effect.

We Summon the Darkness (VOD)

Director: Marc Meyers

Cast: Alexandra Daddario, Keean Johnson, Maddie Hasson

Set in the Midwest against a backdrop involving a killing spree thought to be orchestrated by a satanic cult. Three best friends embark on a road trip to a heavy-metal show, where they bond with three aspiring musicians and head off to one of the girls’ country home for an after party. A night of fun and youthful debauchery takes a deadly turn as bodies begin to pile up, with each side thinking the other hides the killer.

December Highlights

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