Psycho and Vertigo get stunning Mondo treatment


Mondo has done it again with their brilliant new posters for Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho by Tomer Hanuka and Vertigo by the amazing Ghoulish Gary Pullin. Tomorrow, August 13th, marks the birthday of one of the most influential directors in all of cinema, The Master of Horror Alfred Hitchcock, and Mondo want’s to make it a memorable one as they’ll be releasing these three prints tomorrow at a random time.

I’m completely blown away by all three of these. First you’ll see Tomer Hanuka’s Psycho print and it’s perfect in every way. What’s truly great about this one is that Hanuka didn’t tackle the iconic stabbing scene from Hitchcock’s classic like you would think. Instead he aimed to give us a peak at the aftermath of that haunting moment as we take a look through a half open doorway and watch Norman drag Marion Crane’s body out of the bath tub. It really doesn’t get much better than that folks.

And then there was Ghoulish Gary Pullin. I’ve featured his work right here on Rhino’s Horror numerous times and his two posters for Hitchcock’s dizzying thriller Vertigo have to be right up there with some of his best work. The great thing about his art is that you never know what you’re going to get next. Some of his work can be beautifully simplistic while others are ridiculously complex — both of those attributes are on display here and they are absolutely stunning.

You guys know how this works. First you have to follow Mondo on Twitter, then you just wait for the random sale announcement which will be sometime tomorrow, August 13th. For more details on each of these posters click here.


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