Maniac director Franck Khalfoun to enter Amityville?

It looks like the Amityville house has just found its next victim as BD is reporting that Maniac director Franck Khalfoun is currently in talks to helm the latest film in the franchise. Originally the film was titled The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes but it has now been changed to the much simpler (and better) title of Amityville. With the haunted house genre thriving like it is, I’m not at all surprised to see this one making some noise. Khalfoun gives Amityville a pretty big edge considering he’s coming off of his brilliant remake of Maniac, which was one of my favorite horror films of 2013. His brutal sense of storytelling should find a nice, cozy place within the Amityville house.

But there’s a slight catch to this one, unfortunately. Right now the film is said to be of the found-footage variety where a team of journalists and paranormal researchers start poking around the house to try and dig up the truth of what happened there. No word on whether or not the entire film will use the found-footage style, but let’s hope not. Khalfoun is a fantastic director, I’d hate to see his visual style go to waste over a shaky cam mess of a film.

An ambitious female television news intern, on the verge of breaking the most famous haunted house case in the world, leads a team of journalists, clergymen, and paranormal researchers into an investigation of the bizarre events that will come to be known as The Amityville Horror… only to unwittingly open a door to the unreal that she may never be able to close.

Amityville is being produced by Jason Blum, Casey La Scala, and Daniel Farrands. Bob and Harvey Weinstein are executive producers. That’s all the details for now, but hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more from this one soon!


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