Art: Poltergeist by Jérémy Pailler

There’s not much I can say about Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist that hasn’t been said already—it’s a giant in the haunted house genre (especially during the time it was made), because Hooper perfectly captures that paralyzing sense of terror when your own home turns on you. Our home is the place we’re supposed to feel safest, which is why Poltergeist still hits as hard as it did the day it released back in 1982.

At this point I’m starting to run out of good things to say about Mr. Pailler. The dude just kills it every time and I think he’s outdone himself with his latest piece. Following up his equally stunning art for IT (you can see that here if you haven’t), Pailler has taken on the colossal task of bringing Hooper’s haunted house classic back to life. I almost lost my damn mind when I saw this thing—tonally it feels a lot different than some of the work he’s put out in the past. Rather than telling an entire story through his art, Pailler has frozen time with this one; a shot at the unnerving insanity of a house turning against the people who called it home. Another stunner. There might still be some available as a limited edition over at Gallery 1988, so jump on this one quick.

Twitter: @jeremy_pailler


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