The Month in Horror Releases: March

March has shaped up to be quite an interesting month for horror, as most of its releases are under-the-radar indies that haven’t, for whatever reason, gained much attention. Despite that, the reason why this month is such an exciting one for horror fans is because we’ll see the release of Jordan Peele’s doppelgänger family invasion film Us, the follow-up to Get Out. Peele has already set the bar pretty high for himself, so it’ll be interesting to see what he has in store for Us. But before we jump into this thing, here’s what I watched last month:

January Viewings

Braid: Although it’s a little all over the place from a narrative standpoint, director Mitzi Peirone is clearly a name you’re going to want to remember. What really stands out about her debut is its visual style—this one pops with color, blood, and a few twisted performances. 3/5

The Hole in the Ground: What’s really holding A24’s latest back is its lack of originality—the film struggles to be anything more than a predictable haunter. Outside of some strong visuals, this one just doesn’t quite hit the mark. 2/5

Velvet Buzzsaw: From a horror standpoint, this one fails in just about every single way. It’s certainly an interesting story—haunted art killing people—but it never makes good use of it. 2/5

March 1

Greta (Theaters)

Director: Neil Jordan

Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Chloë Grace Moretz, Maika Monroe

A young woman befriends a lonely widow who’s harboring a dark and deadly agenda towards her.

March 5

30 Miles from Nowhere (VOD)

Director: Caitlin Koller

Cast: Rob Benedict, Carrie Preston, Rusty Schwimmer

When five college pals return to rural Wisconsin for their estranged friend’s funeral, what begins as an uneasy reunion becomes a terrifying fight for survival.

The Cannibal Club (VOD)

Director: Guto Parente

Cast: Tavinho Teixeira, Ana Luiza Rios, Pedro Domingues

Otavio and Gilda are a very wealthy couple of the Brazilian elite who have the habit of eating their employees. Otavio owns a private security company and is a notable member of The Cannibal Club. When Gilda accidentally discovers a secret from Borges, a powerful congressman and the Club’s leader, her and her husband’s lives are in danger.

March 19

The Final Wish (VOD)

Director: Timothy Woodward Jr.

Cast: Lin Shaye, Michael Welch, Melissa Bolona

After the death of his father, Aaron returns home to help his grief-stricken mother and to confront his past. Going through his dad’s belongings, he comes across a mysterious item that is more than it seems.

Book of Monsters (VOD)

Director: Stewart Sparke

Cast: Lyndsey Craine, Michaela Longden, Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton

Six kickass women must fight off a horde of terrifying monsters at an 18th birthday party.

March 22

Us (Theaters)

Director: Jordan Peele

Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Lupita Nyong’o, Anna Diop

A family’s serenity turns to chaos when a group of doppelgängers begin to terrorize them.

March 29

A Field Guide to Evil (VOD)

Director: Ashim Ahluwalia, Can Evrenol, Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz, Katrin Gebbe, Calvin Reeder, Agnieszka Smoczynska, Peter Strickland, Yannis Veslemes

Cast: Birgit Minichmayr, Jilon VanOver, Claude Duhamel

A feature-length anthology film. They are known as myths, lore, and folktales. Created to give logic to mankind’s darkest fears, these stories laid the foundation for what we now know as the horror genre.

March Highlights

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8 thoughts on “The Month in Horror Releases: March

  1. Definitely becoming more intrigued by Greta. Despite my rather meh response to everything Chloe Grace Moretz has done lol

    1. Yeah, I’d have to agree about Moretz. The reviews aren’t great but I’m always interested in what Neil Jordan’s up to and this one looks kinda weird. lol

  2. Felt the same way about Velvet Buzzsaw, it really had a promising concept, but something didn’t really keep me engaged. Couldn’t help but compare it to The Devil’s Candy the whole time whilst watching.That film really blended some chaotic anguish and tension between the characters and the art itself was also pretty grim.

    1. Yeah, that was a tough movie to really care about. I had a difficult time being engaged with it as well. Oh, I definitely dug The Devil’s Candy MUCH more. Great comparison!

  3. I am SO excited to see US! And BOOK OF MONSTERS looks pretty cool too. FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL sounds straight up my alley. March is looking pretty awesome.

  4. US is very, very good. An even better crafted movie than Get Out (which I thought was fantastic). Had some early Shyamalan vibes (good ones) for me mid movie, and then it went stratospheric. Wow. A must see.

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